Baby Gift Baskets near Charleston WV that Rock…and Roll

You see the rock stars and famous athletes frequently wearing baseball caps, often turned backwards so the bill is behind the head. We live in fun times where traditions often fall by the wayside. A rock star must have told himself one day that he doesn’t have to wear his cap like everyone else and proceeded to turn it around. You can do the same thing with baby gift baskets by creating unusual gifts that rock.

A gift basket in Charleston WV that rocks will not contain only traditional baby items. It can also hold kid-sized baseball caps personalized with the child’s name. For the rock-and-rolling baby, you can include a shake and rattle toy. This baby will be able to keep the beat simply by grasping the rattle and giving it some good shakes. In the process, the infant develops a great grip that just one day may come in useful when it is time to catch a football or throw a baseball.

How about adding some suede booties to the rocking baby gift basket. The little moccasins are reminiscent of the Woodstock days when rock music really began to roll. However, these practical shoes have a soft lining so the baby’s feet are fully protected.

Of course, rockers always wear t-shirts as if it is a uniform. A baby boy gift basket can include some traditional items like a plush baby bear. What would really make the basket rock though is a t-shirt personalized with the baby’s name and initials. Now your sweet darling has a t-shirt, a baseball cap and a rattle.

Star Quality

Don’t forget that a rock star always insists on having his or her name on their stage door. Your baby gift basket should include a personalized name plate or plaque. After all, the infant is the star of the show in your home. Adorn the door to the room or hang a personalized plaque or wall hanging in the child’s room, and there is never any doubt who rules that particular space.

There is one more item that belongs in a baby gift basket that rocks – music. Fortunately, some rock music has been converted into soft lullabies. Your little baby can be soothed by the music of Bob Marley or the Beatles for example. Tuck a rocking baby CD into the basket, and your little rocker is ready to roll.

Add the Rock to the Basket

The baby gift basket that rocks can actually be any basket that is filled with the items the mother and baby needs. The truth is that what ‘rocks’ one person may be completely different from what ‘rocks’ another. That is precisely why there are so many choices in baby gift baskets.

You can purchase a pre-assembled gift basket or assemble your own by purchasing each item separately. If you want to present a basket to the newest rock star in your family, simply add some themed items to a pre-assembled basket. For some people, the traditional gift basket needs a little something extra. It needs to rock!

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