All About Hooded Coveralls

Hooded coveralls protect you from being in contact with hazardous waste. It is a convenient and inexpensive way to safe while working. Following are more uses for hooded coveralls and its notable features.


Hooded coveralls protect against dangerous dust, liquids and biological agents. They are an effective barrier for small particles that could touch the skin. The coveralls offer protection from head to toe.


The design of coveralls is typically tightly woven and nonporous. Some coveralls, such as Tyvek hooded coveralls, offer strong abrasion resistance. The coveralls are designed to withstand the abrasive wear and tear some hazardous work situations provide. The protective material used is made with anti-static technology as well. This helps in highly charged environments where accidental static discharge could start a spark, flame or cause damages to valuable equipment.

Who Uses Hooded Coveralls

Hooded protective coveralls would benefit home and building inspectors, painters, medical workers coming into contact with highly toxic biological fluids or any worker that would need complete full coverage.

The coveralls are disposable, so once someone comes into contact with hazardous waste or material, the apparel can be properly thrown away posing no risk to the environment.


Hooded coveralls are designed with comfort in mind. Many coveralls have elastic banded wrists and ankles and a zipper. The movement of a worker is not hindered from wearing the garment and vision is kept clear.

The hood can be elastic, is pulled tightly around the face, and is suitable for many facial shapes and sizes. The front of the face is kept unprotected, so a mask would need to be worn to provide full facial protection if needed.


The cost of coveralls varies, but they are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for less than $20 or in bulk for even greater savings.

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