Airsoft Accessories Commonly Seen in Airsoft Games

Guns aren’t the only thing you should have on your Airsoft Gameplay list of essentials. You’ll need to suit up with the right accessories too. These usually include:

Eye and face protection

Pellets can do a lot of damage to your eyes if you leave them unprotected during your Airsoft games. An errant shot could knock you back and shoot debris right into your eyes. Don’t let that happen. You could go for hard plastic, mesh or neoprene. A bandana, goggles or masks will get the job done as well, says Airsoft GI.

Extra ammos

From extra weapon systems, to extra ammos and even extra speed loaders, the right Airsoft accessories can make or break the game for you. If you have what you need on the field, you’ll have better chances of winning the game. It’s also great teamwork to share supplies with a teammate who’s running low or just about to empty out his last clip.


Full coverage is always better. But these games can take a toll on ordinary shirts and pants, especially if you play in rough conditions. So invest in a pair of hardy and durable pants and a long-sleeved shirt. A military uniform is even better.

Combat or tactical boots

Footwear matters. If it’s too tight, it could affect your performance as well as lead to injuries. Also, playing in swamps or in the rain could drench ordinary footwear and leave your feet cold. That’s hardly going to put you in the mood to play. So make sure your Airsoft accessories include a sturdy pair of boots.

Knee pads

You’ll get to bang into hard objects, fall or drop down to get cover. That’s going to be hard on your knees. So invest in a pair of knee pads to keep them cushioned and protected.

With the right accessories, you’ll see your gameplay experience improve even more.

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