Affordable Quality Ear Piercing Tunnels Online!

If you have ever searched for ear piercing tunnels, you know that they are not something that you can typically pick up in your big box discount store. Finding them online is often the only option. Of course, you do not want to settle for lesser quality ear piercing tunnels, it is important to know where to shop.

What Are Tunnels?

Tunnels are “see through”. Unlike plugs, they are hollowed out in the middle so that you can see clear through the ear lobes. They are typically circular although they can be found in tear drop styles and other shapes as well but round is the most popular option.

Quality First

Stretching your ear lobes is a slow and steady process that is best realized by using high quality plugs and tunnels. The right online source will offer tunnels that deliver the best in quality and include:

  • Screw on inside back
  • Durable materials
  • Wide range of gauges
  • Competitive pricing
  • Kit options
  • Wide range of quality materials

It is important that you utilize a source that specializes in body piercing/gauging jewelry. The right quality tunnels are critical to the safety and comfort of your lobes.

Durable Materials

The best online source for tunnels will offer a range of tunnels in a range of sizes and materials. Durable materials include wood, silicon, plastic and metal.

Kit Options and More

The right source will offer a wide range of materials, styles and designs and they will also offer complete kits that include tapers and tunnels so that you can safely gauge your lobes for one low price. is the headquarters for tunnels, plugs, tapers and so much more. They offer great pricing on quality piercing jewelry and wear. This is the place that you can find the tunnels that you want!

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