Acknowledging God’s Role in Life’s Gifts

One of the things many celebrities share in common is that they are very pointed in expressing gratitude. The mistake many of us make is to constantly be seeking bigger and better without first acknowledging the simple gifts God provides us each day. A Free Prophetic Reading can bring a clear picture of what you have now and how you can improve your current situation. However you have to be able to acknowledge God’s role in the gifts of your life.

Gratitude is a very simple philosophy. When you receive something that improves your situation it is only common sense to be thankful. When someone holds the door open for you it is courtesy to say “thank you”. When someone shares a stick of gum with you or a server in a restaurant brings your order you are courteous and say “thank you.” And yet most of us do not take the time to thank God for the gifts we receive everyday.

Gratitude is a powerful tool in your life. Being thankful for everything in life is a magnet to bring more prosperity, love and happiness into your life. Cynics do not belief this premise, but the faithful do. And the faithful believe this because their love for God and their faith that he will always be there to provide more is what allows them to acknowledge God’s gifts everyday.

Living without acknowledging your blessings can lead to a very dissatisfactory life. Without being able to say you have many things worthwhile you will find you lack hope and inspiration to continue living. Being grateful teaches us how to see the good things God has provided. The more grateful you are and the more sincere you are in your gratitude the stronger your faith will become.

A free prophetic reading can help you learn to be grateful. It can also help you better understand what God intends for you and to see that he truly wants you to be prosperous and happy. Celebrities who show their gratitude do so in many ways, from charity work to reaching out to entire countries who are less fortunate then themselves. Because they can see how lucky they are they can easily be grateful. However if you are able to show gratitude even for the most simple gifts you will find it can come back to you ten fold through God’s love.

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