A Plus Size Short Sleeve Cardigan Is Ideal Accessory Apparel Any Time of the Year

The cardigan is named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who was a British military commander, serving during the Crimean War. The cozy and warm accessory can be either hand knitted with wool and made by machine.

The First Time the Sweater Was Worn

A plus size short sleeve cardigan is an ideal choice for women, especially if it is chosen in a neutral shade (navy blue or ivory) and is knitted with a stocking stitch or basic knit stitch. The wearing of the cardigan sweater became popular during the 17th century in the British Isles and in France. At that time, the heavy wool cardigan was appreciated by fisherman who wore the apparel to keep warm on glum and cold days at sea.

Some of the Basic Styles

Although most women wear cardigans out of a sense of practicality, cardigans are also designed with style in mind, such as the plus size short sleeve cardigan or other basic and familiar styles. The main women’s styles are listed as follows:

The Open Cardigan

The open basic cardigan is worn most often as it can be easily displayed in a number of social settings including the workplace. The hem of the sweater runs to the waist with the sweater opening at the middle or between the chest and stomach. The open styles come in two versions, each of which has a different neckline.

A Cardigan in a Draped Style

The draped cardigan is open, but the hemline and neckline are draped. This kind of open design is better suited for women who are slimmer and who wear basic shirts. The thickness of the fabric makes the draped sweater appear much cozier and casual than other cardigan types.

The Shawl Style Cardigan

Another type of cardigan is the wrap cardigan, also called the shawl cardigan at times. This versatile sweater allows women to experiment with various looks and styles, which presents them with more fashionable alternatives in different social settings too.

Look at the Knit

When choosing the best cardigan, regardless of the style, it is important to check out the knitted material for the apparel, both which determines durability and comfort. Examples of exceptionally comfortable and durable cardigan fabrics include mohair and cashmere, both of which are made with finely woven yarn that is very soft. If you are looking for a cardigan that will offer extra warmth during the winter months, then look at cardigans that are made of wool or cashmere or mohair.

Making a Selection

If you want to forego the bulkiness created by wool, then a cotton cardigan may be more to your preference. The ultimate material you will pick will hinge on whether or not you plan to wear a seasonal sweater or a sweater that can provide some level of comfort throughout the year.

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