6 Tips to Working with Fondant Beginner Cake Decorators Should Know

Working with fondant can be quite a challenge for beginners. If you haven’t had much experience with fondant as a cake decorator, here are a few tips you’ll find helpful:

Keep it in airtight storage

When you work with fondant, you’ll want to make sure you store it somewhere airtight. The longer it’s exposed to air, the sooner it will dry. Prevent that by carefully choosing your product storage.

Pick the right fondant

With a range of options and brands, it can be a bit overwhelming to scour around and find which ones work perfectly well for you. For popular picks, though, you might want to start with Satin Ice fondant.

Fix the bulge

The product can be smooth and perfect one minute and develop a bulge the next. One way to resolve that is by pricking the area over the bulge. Press it gently to flatten the fondant. If the bulge is at the bottom of the cake, though, then you can lift the fondant away from the bottom then flatten it again, says The Spruce. Use a spatula to do this.

Roll into the right size

Buying popular brands like Satin Ice fondant isn’t going to help if you don’t roll the fondant right. If it’s too thin or thick, you’ll end up having tears or cracks in the fondant. That’s why rolling it just right matters.

Repair the fondant

Don’t despair over that damaged fondant, though. There are ways you can still reuse it. Fill the cracks and tears with a fresh piece of fondant then finish the job by smoothing the edges with your fingertips. That should take care of the problem spots.

Last reminder

Remember to repair and use damaged fondant that have no bits of icing and cake. Otherwise, that could lead to other problems so best leave it alone and use a new piece.

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