5 Tips to Have Fun with Homemade Suckers

Homemade suckers can be a real treat. Whether you’re making them for your niece’s birthday party or giving them as holiday gifts at the office, a cute lollipop can be a nice gift or souvenirs. Here are a few tips to help you out with your baking efforts.

Shop for supplies

A good baker will need tools and supplies. Stock up on those. Be sure to shop around for molds, bags, lollipop sticks, oil flavors and more. That should give a good start to your baking adventures.

Pick out recipes

There’s more to lollipops than chocolates and sprinkles. You’ll want to experiment with a lot of recipes. From alcohol-based and extracts to flavoring oils, you have plenty of options to consider, the Reader’s Digest says.

Go beyond sweets

This is your chance to create homemade candies that friends and family would love, whether that’s coconut lime, spicy pineapple or mint apple. Play with a range of flavors and tastes for your homemade suckers.

Decorate with sticks

There are plenty of ways for you to decorate your lollipops. If you want to do more than use the tried-and-tested ‘sprinkles’ approach, then go with decorative lollipop sticks. These come in a range of colors and designs. Pair them up with the hard candy, and you’ll have the perfect giveaway or treats.

Experiment with sizes

Feel free to experiment with the size of the candies. There’s no hard and fast rule as to the correct size and shape. However, if you’re doing a ton, then using an ice cream scoop to measure out portions for the lollipop might be a good idea. It should make the work go so much faster and much more convenient for you.

Have fun creating homemade suckers. Get started by shopping for your supplies. Browse through our wide selection of products at NY Cake for your tools and supplies.

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