3 types of cake decorating turntables

Are you tire of decorating cakes and having difficulty getting all of the angles just right? If so, professional turntables may provide you with just the right solution. These turntables are manufactured specifically for placing cakes on for cake decorating. After the cake has been placed on the turntable, it can be rotated in any direction to cover the cake evenly in fondant, gumpaste, or icing.

Beginner cake decorating turntable

If you are just starting out in cake decorating, you may not have that much experience using professional turntables. This is perfectly fine, however you will need to begin somewhere. A great starting point is with beginner turntables. These tables are low and are easy to position the cake right on top of them. The cake turntable rotates clockwise and counterclockwise so that you can properly decorate the cake without any hassle. The beginner turntable is usually made out of heavy duty plastic and has a 12 inch base and is 2 inches in height.

Intermediate cake decorating turntable

The next step up from beginner professional turntables are the intermediate ones. These are a bit higher and come in at 5 inches high and 12 inches in diameter. The intermediate turntable can also be used successfully by beginning bakers and affords more control over the cake for easier decorating.

Professional turntables

After using the other categories successfully, the last option is to purchase a professional turntable These are often constructed with a cast iron base and a cast iron top and provide exceptional stability for stunning and professional cake decorating results

You can find the best professional turntables from your local baking tools supply store. Make sure to shop around and compare prices so you can find the highest quality professional turntables offered at low, competitive prices.

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