3 Tips and Topcoat Nail Polish Basics

Normally, you put on 4 coats of nail polish whenever you have a manicure session. Ever wonder why you need 4 coats? If you’ve ever tried to use a shortcut in the past, you’d have known why. Going for 2 coats or 3 instead of the standard 4 only leaves you with a chipped polish after a day or two. Still, while you might understand why a base coat and two coats of color are needed, perhaps you’re not so sure why a topcoat nail polish matters too.

Why use a topcoat nail polish? Beauty editor says that a good topcoat:

1. Protects your manicure. This makes the coat on your nails last longer. So you won’t have to worry about your nails chipping or wearing out on the edges any time soon. At least not until you’re good and ready for a new one.

2. Gives great finish. The glossy finish evens out the ridges in your nails, making for a simple yet lovely look. If you want something that’s great for the office or just for everyday use, nails that won’t draw too much attention to you or your hands, a topcoat nail polish works.

3. Nail art. Layering on a great deal of topcoat nail polish can help seal your design in place that much faster. The finish also improves the design a lot. If you’re putting on nail art and are in a big hurry, a quick-dry topcoat will help get the job done that much faster. Some polishes dry quicker than others so do a bit of research to find out which ones you can use.

Here are other tips about topcoat nail polish to help you out:

1. Tip 1: Speedy topcoats can be incredibly tempting. Who wants to wait around for nail polish that seems to take forever to dry? Good Housekeeping, though, says that quick-dry topcoats don’t provide much protection to your nails. On the other hand, topcoats that are slow to dry often leave behind a protective finish that’s harder and tougher to scratch and chip. If you’ve got time to spare, skip the quick-dry topcoats.

2. Tip 2: Looking for the right post-manicure touch-up? If you’ve already got a topcoat on, then using a quick-dry nail polish is perfect. You don’t even need to go to a salon for this. Just buy the best topcoat nail polish, apply it at home and you’re good to go.

3. Tip 3: If you’re seeing signs that your nails are drying up or that it’s already too dry, forget about quick-dry topcoats. These will only dehydrate your nails further.

These are just a few helpful tips on why a topcoat nail polish matters. Don’t forget to have your own handy. Buy topcoat nail polish to keep around the house so you can experiment and find out what types and brands you like.

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